[Standard] Temur Adventures Write-Up W/ Video

Hi, my name is (The) Eric, and now I consider myself something of a Johnny-Spike having an affinity for both toolbox and volatile combos. In normal, I wished to discuss my toolbox midrange combo management deck that was explosive which I was able to Mythic to pilot through largely Bo3: Temur Adventures! What’s this deck and why if I play with it? This can be Temur Adventures, that can be a challenging deck to explain since it might look like a heap at first and wears a lot of hats. You need to play with it as it is a burst but also since the deck feels as though it’s an opportunity in any matchup with the perfect game plan. Typically I am very satisfied with the center of the deck, although there are a couple of flex slots at the deck. Core experience synergy. Drawing cards principles.

This dude brings a good deal of those. Solid ramp and repairing. Pairs nicely with Oko. Core card. Part of making this deck trendy. Sometimes only played as a strong 1/4 flier when I have an Edgewall Inkeeper around the area, the majority of the time I’m expecting to play with the (Granted) side using a Lucky Clover about the area to catch some alternative cards. Core experience synergy. Bounce two permanents with (Petty Theft)? ) Yes . Shock my competition double with (Stomp) to get that additional reach? Sign up to me. This card does everything. Turn two Lucky Clover in to turn three (Fertile Footsteps) with the copy in the Bonecrusher Giant or even Brazen Borrow can occasionally feel helpless. Things go very mad once you get several on the area. Good card. Happy to play with it like a one of, would consider playing with another backup but probably not a full playset.

The card selection is a fine game that is both late and early, but the deck works just like the Great Henge in the sideboard or a using Edgewall Innkeeper which you are not fighting to locate your creatures nap the lmht toc chien. Others might have differing opinions on this one, and I would definitely be happy when I had them MTGA to check a playset, but I am content with one for today. Strong experience monster. Efficient mana expenses, can rebound key aims or goals and make big tempo performs, and it stinks.