Features Of R Programming Which Every Data Scientists Should Know

Features Of R Programming Which Every Data Scientists Should Know

R is one of the most in-demand programming languages & over the years, its popularity has grown immensely since the advent of Data Science. R is the most predominantly used programming language by Data Scientist next to Python. Several of its distinct features, along with its variety of packages have enabled R to become one of the most widely used programming languages for analytics operations in Data Science.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the unique features of R

  • Comprehensive Language

R is best known as a comprehensive programming language. This indicates that it is best suited for a wide range of operations ranging from statistical modeling & as well as software development. It is the primary language for many of the budding Data Scientists and Web Developers for developing web applications through its robust package RShiny. Being an object-oriented programming language, R has several distinct features that make it the best fit for many analytics operations.

  • Provides a Wide Array of Packages

One of the prime reasons for the rise in the popularity of R is because of the availability of numerous libraries. For instance, R has CRAN, a repository that currently holds over 10,0000 packages. The functionalities of these packages are the best fit for dealing with numerous data-related operations. Users can use any of these packages based on their specific requirements & needs.

  • Possesses Several Graphical Libraries

R has a massive collection of graphical libraries, which makes it the ideal choice for most of the Data Scientists. It’s complex graphical libraries like ggplot2, plotly, etc. are very crucial in delivering quality visualizations.

Features Of R Programming Which Every Data Scientists Should Know

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another appealing feature of R programming is that it exhibits cross-platform compatibility. This means that it can run on any OS in any software environment. Users can run it across any hardware configuration without having the need for any extra workarounds.

Apart from these, several other features that set R apart from the other programming languages. The prominence of R in Data Science can’t be denied. Work towards gaining hands-on expertise in R programming by being a part of the advanced Data Science Training in Hyderabad program by certified industry trainers at Analytics Path.